now i am out of the picture that was once worth a thousand words
where there once wept a thousand people, there now fly a thousand birds

(hurrah, hurrah, hurrah! hurrah, hurrah, hurrah!)

Seeming — Celebration Song (The Birdwatcher’s Guide to Atrocity, 2020)



and it’s breaking, it retreats and disbands
nothing more than clay to us
reality’s afraid of us
watch it go, giving up the ghost of a chance
darling, we are dangerous
reality’s afraid of us

Seeming — Reality is Afraid (The Birthwatcher’s Guide to Atrocity, 2020)


don’t go believing that here and now is how it’s gonna stay
(i been thinkin’ of another way, i been gettin’ rid of yesterday)
don’t go believing a hand that holds itself is a fist
(you’ve always been an optimist, remember you’ve always been an optimist)

Seeming — Someday Lily (The Birdwatcher’s Guide to Atrocity, 2020)

[photo: emily nejako]